is back online


The world-wide web has fundamentally changed since I started learning html in the late 90s, from displaying static pages to running full featured applications in your browser. Not being a programmer, I quickly fell behind in my ability to run more than a rudimentary web site and essentially gave up on my “web presence” for quite some time.

Now I’m beginning to catch up. The abundant web dev tools and resources are helping me to get a handle on running a modern web site. It’s a crazy different world than I remember, but it’s still fun!

what’s next

The question I’ve been trying to answer is “what does it mean to have a web site in 2019? What do I want to accomplish?”

  • A personal space or representation of my self?
  • A content platform to bring in views and clicks?
  • A development platform for web apps?
  • All of the above?

While I work that out, I’ve been looking back to what neon owl has been. In the past, I posted occasional articles about my interests, so my first project is to salvage some of that content from the internet archive.

Where we go from there is up to you (insert animated gif of neo flying or something).

to-do list

[x] site
[ ] theme
[ ] archives
[ ] things